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by Andy on May 28, 2012

Dental Assistant Training Information

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Dental Assistant Schools and Courses overview

Finding the correct dental assistant training is a crucial part of your jouney to becoming a dental assistant.  Dental assistant schools offers courses that prepare students to work as health professionals in a dental office environment. Students learn how to help dentists take care of patients and how to manage dental offices. Dental assistant schools offer courses that lead one to get a professional certificate or associate degree.


Fundamentals of courses offered in dental assistant training programs

Students review several aspects of dental assisting profession including oral health, nutrition, and preventive dentistry techniques. A student learns to prepare patients for dental care, provide chairside assistance to the dentist, and sets up dental charts for review.  It is important to focus on the dental assistant training that will provide the most in depth training in the areas of the field that you want to pursue.

Oral anatomy course offered in dental assistant training programs

Oral anatomy course is just one of the many dental assistant training courses available that provides a review of the anatomy of the human head and its oral cavity including gums, teeth, nerves, tongue and muscles. Students learn about the hard and soft tissues of the face and the structure of the head and neck. Furthermore discussion focuses on the development of the teeth and pattern in which the teeth grows.

Oral anatomy course also looks into the specific drugs used in dentistry and their effects on patients.

Dental infection control course and dental materials

Learners get an understanding of the various materials used in the profession. They learn about the chemical and physical properties of dental materials. Further discussion focuses on the review of infection control regulations the overseas safety and health in dental practice. Dental assistant schools teach students how to make tooth impressions and prepare casts

Dental radiology course

Students focus on the procedures and techniques practiced in dental radiology. You learn how to operate radiographic equipment and safely protect patients and operators from being exposed to harmful radiation. Furthermore, students in dental assistant schools are also taught to mount process and evaluate digital x-rays.

Nutrition and oral hygiene

Students get the knowledge and understanding of how nutrition contributes an important factor in oral hygiene. This course shows the value of taking the right diet and how you can utilize vitamins to achieve nutritional balances. You learn why taking an unbalanced diet can cause oral problems such as periodontal disease and cavities.

Students learning this course in dental assistant schools get to know how to counsel patients on the importance of good eating habits and observing the right oral hygiene.

A Course in Dental Office Procedures

A student learns about the basics of working in a dental office. You discuss about office procedures, such as appointment scheduling and file management, telephone etiquette, inventory control and payroll, dental insurance plans, basic bookkeeping among others.


Hot to choose dental assistant schools in the United States

The things students look at when choosing a dental school ort college include available credentials and courses. These dental assistant training programs have programs that prepare students for a career as a dental assistant at various levels such as associates degree, certificate and bachelors degree.

The certificate or degree program offered by dental assistant schools maybe in dental assisting or dental hygiene. It takes about a year for one to complete a certificate program while a bachelor’s degree takes four years. A typical dental assisting or dental hygiene program in the United States covers laboratory procedures, dental hygiene, and assist with dental procedures.

Dental Assistant Training


Always remember the importance of choosing the right dental assistant training program. 

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