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by Andy on April 7, 2012

Dental Assistant Salary –A Career with Above Average Pay




Dental Assistant Salaries are generally above average, however they do require a certain amount of college education from either a four year college or a two year vocational school. The job outlook for dental assistants is expected to out pace the national average, over the next 10 years; as the baby boomers continue to age – thus requiring more dental care. The salary like a dental assistant is actually both exciting as well as challenging. The Dental Assistant Salary is one of the top paying industries that require a bachelor’s degree or less to enter the job market.

Infact, dental assistants are expected to grow at an astounding 31% from 2010-2020.


According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the median annual wage for dental assistants was $33,470 in 2010.  ”Median Pay” is different from “Average Pay”, thus it is important to know the difference.  Median Pay means that 50% of dental assistants earned less then the median pay and 50% earned more. Again reporting on that statistics published in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the lowest 10% earned less then $22,680, with the top 10% earning over $47,090. reports the median pay for dental assistants to be $16.70 an hour.



California - $17.51  (Hourly mean wage) 

Texas - $15.17   (Hourly mean wage)

New York - $17.06   (Hourly mean wage) Florida - $15.97   (Hourly mean wage)

Illinois - $15.56   (Hourly mean wage)

It is interesting to note that of these states Texas, Illinois, and Florida have the lowest cost of living, respectively.  However, Illinois could be misleading as the majority of the jobs will lie in Chicago, which has a significantly higher cost of living then the rest of the state. Interestingly enough, Texas is ranked #3 as having the lowest cost of living.



This research was last updated on 5-22-2012; below you will find a sampling of jobs that were available – you can use this information to get real life date on job specifics, salaries, and locations.

Dental Assistant – General Dentistry
Salary: $15.00-$18.00
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Educational/Experience Requirements:
1-2 years recent experience in a general dentistry practice
Have knowledge of Dentrix software is preferred
Must be x-ray certified or in the process of becoming x-ray certified
Must have Supervisory Experience

Job Description:
Job duties include packing cord, taking impressions, making temporaries, assisting with fillings, crowns, bridges, in-lays, on-lays, partial dentures, full dentures, implants supporting dentures, digital x-rays, interoral cameras, ZOOM whitening, and Invisalign.


Oral Surgery Supervisor
Salary: $20.00-$25.00
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Educational/Experience Requirements:
4+ years recent experience as a surgical assist in oral surgery
2+ years experience as a lead surgical assistant or supervisor
Mush have strong computer skills
Must be x-ray certified or in the process of becoming x-ray certified

Job Description:
Supervise 3-4 oral surgery assistants, assist in oral surgery, order all dental supplies and appliances, maintain compliance with Osha/Clia, and triage.


Certified Dental Assistant
Salary: $16.00
Location: New York

Educational/Experience Requirements:
Must be a Certified Dental Asstant
Must have 2-3 Years Experience
Must have strong Computer Skills

Job Description:
Patient Care, Office & Laboratory Duties, Sterilizing Instruments, Record Keeping, Organizing Materials


Dental Assistant RDA
Salary: $17.00-$21.00
Location: California

Educational/Experience Requirements:
Must have experience in orthodontics
Must understand all phases of back office procedures for both general and ortho
Knowledge of Ortho terminology and able to prepare ortho patient records
Must have a current X-ray license
Must have Current RDA license for CA
Must have a C.P.R card
Must Know Sterilization protocol ( knowledge of OSHA and Infection control)
Must be Able to take and process x-rays
Must have Knowledge of dental instruments and set ups for Ortho
Must have good communication skills with a positive attitude
Must have dental assistant experience in orthodontics

Job Description:
Under general supervision from the Dentist, the Assistant supports dental auxiliary operations by assisting the Dentist.


Dental Assistant (Pediatric)
Salary: $18.00-$23.00
Location: Connecticut

Educational/Experience Requirements:
Must have 2-4 years experience (pediatrics a plus) with knowledge of Dentech, Dentrix and digital xray preferable.
Ideal candiate will have had prior experience in assisting in the operating room, familiar with OSHA requirements in a clinical setting.
Radiology Certificate Required

Job Description:
Useating pediatric patients, taking x-rays, set up/break down of instruments and materials, chairside assisting dentist and or hygienist, treatment planning, patient education, maintaining oderliness and cleanileness of treatment bay area, clean suction lines, assisting doctor in operating room with dental cases, sterlization of instruments, operatory set up, restocking/ordering supplies, charge entry and posting.


Lead Dental Lab Assistant  Dental Assistant Surgeon Oral Surgeon Assistant Dental Exam Assistant Home Office Dental Assistant Laboratory Dental Assistant Broad Laced Dental Assistant Oral Hygienist Dental Assistant

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